NOIZE KONSPIRACY was founded in 2005 as a split-cd collaboration of GULE TVOJHO FOTRA (avoided), ┼ŻEBROTA (total trash) and 0N0 (twisted). The releasing of CDs became a tradition, with new compilations coming out 2 or 3 times a year, motivated by hedonic listening parties following the release.

Each member delivers cca 10 minutes of new material on every compilation. The first NK was almost pure noise / ambient noise with sounds evolving more and more towards music with each release. Genres now include noise rock, noise pop, all sorts of electronica, ambient, industrial, psychedelia, on one of the latter NKs even pure grind core EP is present. One of the founding members - total trash- is known for his undying faithfulness to harsh noise.

With each release, the number of participants and along with them - musical genres - grew. From the twelveth NK a new system was put to test. With each release there is a different curator, who will choose a theme for the compilation and invite guests to fulfill the 80 minutes running time of the CD. First such curator was total trash for NK Volume 12. and on the thirteenth compilation, avoided will do the job.

You should know that all music released under this label is free for non-commercial purposes and you are welcome to download all of our creations in the MUSIC section.

Many members and participants in the NK project perform live, you can learn more about their individual projects in the PEOPLE section of the web site. There were also attempts at live shows under the NOIZE KONSPIRACY moniker, the band usually consisted of avoided, twisted, casi cada minuto and total trash. One of the live shows (at 13m3, Bratislava) was recorded and is also available for download. All of us are busy with our individual projects at the moment, but the urge to play live experimental, loud and noisy music lead to founding of the CHARMING ASSISTANT band (incl. avoided, acidmilk & total trash), perhaps the most similar to the original NOIZE KONSPIRACY live group.

All upcoming and some of the past performances of the NK members and related projects are listed in the PERFORMANCES section of this site. There is always a good party and interesting sounds going on and you're welcome to join anytime. Also, if you are an artist interested in releasing your material with us, feel free to contact us anytime, we're always curious about new projects and/or collaborations.