AVOIDED is one of the three founding members of NK (the other two being TWISTED and TOTAL TRASH), whose sanity is questionable. He is a lazy drunk and sometimes-more-than-occasional dopehead. He enjoys many musical genres including grunge, metal, industrial, IDM, noise, shoegaze, indie rock, psychedelia and many of them find their way into one or more of his projects. Within the NK compilations he releases the following projects: GULE TVOJHO FOTRA [the balls of your father], AVOIDED, KAREL BOH, NOJZO, and collaborates with ACIDMILK in the bands NIHIL BULDOZER and ŽENA A ŽIVOT [woman and life].

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total trash TOTAL TRASH, often nicknamed "the tour leader" because of his organisational skills shown during the preparation of release parties, could be labeled the stubborn noiser of the group. Faithful to his so called MORDA NOISE SYSTEM consisting of many cheap, old and rather ugly FX boxes and whatever mess he can buy, find or create, his recordings vary between sarcastically demented tunes and harsh noise. He often collaborates with his friend RBNX, a pioneer of Slovak nihilistic noise scene. He also released some nonconformist material under the names BÁDATEĽ [explorer], BABRÁK [inept], GALGAN [miscreant], (HELLO) MORDA and SIGI TOBIÁŠ (collaboration with RBNX).  
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twisted TWISTED is a metal-head gone all-you-can-eat-psychedelia and industrial music fan. He is keen to combine brutal outbursts of grind, slow, painful and sludgy doom metal with ethereal soundscapes in his main one-man-project 0N0. He also plays guitar in a more straightforward death grind band NONPROLIFIC. You can find traces of psychedelic experiments in this band's material too. Some of his side projects released on our compilations include HALLUCINATORY and NEOBLIVION.  
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cadillac face CADILLAC FACE joined us at the fifth release of NK. He is easily one of the best and most talented Slovak lo-fi indie artists, clearly one of his kind. Throughout his life he released many albums and EPs, most of which can be downloaded at his webpage. In his music, he combined a diversity of musical styles and elements, from indie-pop melodies through harsh industrial noises to lush neofolk atmospheres. His favourite meals included clonazepam. In October 2009 he met his tragic death and will be missed greatly.  

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casi cada minuto CASI CADA MINUTO is the one-man project of Slavo Herman. Slavo combines unique sonic textures with ambient landscapes, intervowen with ominous drones and noises. Though minimalist in nature, the music offers the listener a rich and stirring experience. He is now well known for his absorbing live performances and also collaborations with his friend ORMOS in a more beat-driven band JESUS STICKERS. ORMOS also has his share of releases on the compilations, namely NAJSEXI REBEL (A INTELEKTUÁL) [the most sexi rebel and intellectual], MORÁLNY VÍŤAZ [moral winner], MIKE WAZOVSKI and UJKO.  
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marin WERKSTATT IM WALD is a project of two friends - ACIDMILK and MARIN. At they describe themselves as a "long-term research of two, inspired by the feels, spaces and places of rural outskirts of Bratislava, where they reside. Sounds of moving cogwheels, covered in acidic grease joined by the sublime, but everpresent hiss of trees, winds of lowlands, reviving the hidden or nonexistent. Wine and codeine to ease the pain, gifts of the forest to journey in the unseen." In the previos versions of the text however, bongs and alcohol were mentioned, along with a brief description of their creative process: "We first recorded base soundscapes and noise, then some demented improvisations which were cut afterwards. Beats are recorded partly using keyboards, partly programmed. That’s basically all."  
acidmilk ACIDMILK also often collaborates with AVOIDED, mainly in bands NIHIL BULDOZER and ŽENA A ŽIVOT [woman and life], the first being a crossover of various forms of metal, electronic and disco music often leaning towards dementia, the latter being an experimental dark and intensely loud sludge/metal project. Some of his other projects are SCENT and STOOL CHART. He is also a member of gamelan orchestra.  
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drakh VRTAČKY PO DESÁTE HODINĚ is an experimental and noise music project of Ľubomír Panák (DRAKH) a Slovak programmer, photographer, musician and sound artist. He has been also active in the Slovak experimental music scene as a live DJ and an author of remixes. He is a member of the Slovak electronic group ANGAKKUT and plays bagpipes, fujara, flute and pipes in a folklore ensemble GYMNIK. His photos depict mostly urban spaces and his (interactive) digital pieces use intermedial connections and computational possibilities.  
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rbnx RBNX is one of the most prominent Slovak noise artists. His performances show no respect for human ears, human emotions and humankind in general, which is good. His analog recordings may seem homogenous at first glance but show unexpected depth when listened to carefully and depersonalized.  
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